Facebook friends are all fake friends

After reading this you might have been surprised but this is true.A research conducted by Oxford University proffessor suggests that majority of your friends who are on facebook are not your real friends.
Proffessor claims that out of 1500 friends there are 15 best friends,50 good friends,150 just friends and remaining as acquitances.

The result was conducted on total of 3375 male and female participants aged between 16-65.Majority reported thatan average 0f 27.6% friends on social media were real and rest were just to increase the friend list.Once when a question was asked that how many friends will come to support in a crisis then average number dropped to four only.

Proffessor pointed out that the experiment was conducted on only those people who have large friend number on facebook.Proffessor further clarified that inspite of large scale increase in social communication one must not fully be dependent on that one must make some real life friends and must goto school or collges which can make real friends.