Attracting traffic from social networking sites.

In 2016 more than 82% of the total population of India,USA,UK are using social media platforms like facebook,twitter,instagram.Many websites are using these social networking sites for trafficking visitors to there respective websites, but the question rises of how to do that.In this page I am describing how to use social media for driving visitors to your website.

There are two ways to attract customers using social media:

  • Attracting visitors via paid ads-All social networking sites promote your website or send traffic to your website by charging you a small fee.For big bussinesses it is good but smaller one cannot try this often.
  • Attracting visitors by different pages-All social networking sites allow you to make pages or to make bussiness accounts.You just need to create one and then follow the udergiven steps.
  1. Create bussiness account or bussiness page on social platforms:
    Just goto facebook/twitter/instagram and create your account bussiness account there.If you are using facebook then goto create page options on left handside of your home screen of facebook and then follow the mentioned steps.
  2. Title selection for your pages or accounts-Select such a display title which is according to your page or bussiness.Like if I am creating a page for code tutorial then name like FASHION CLUB can't serve the purpose.For this purpose I must select title like LEARN CODING or anything like this.Most important thing is that your page title must appeal about the content of your page.
  3. Audience making-After creating page or bussiness account on social media platform you need to create audience.You can make audience via making small payments for boosting your posts on facebook or twitter.If you are not ready to make payment for this then you need to connect to groups or pages related to those similar to your products or content.Keep updating about your page and articles there and remeber to put a link to like your page in those groups or pages.Take part in discussions and try to answer questions asked by different people.
    Tell your friends and relatives to like or follow your page.
  4. Do not forget college youth-What many unsuccessfull pages or accounts have done is that they never got connected to the college youth.Connect to the college youth because they are the one who uses internet the most.I think that everybody of you have atleast few people who are in college.Post such contents on your page that they may like or share.
  5. Remeber there are many other platforms other that facebook and twitter-
    When you are trying to traffic visitors from social networking sites that there are other sites like pinterest,redit,youtube,google+.Just join these networks and keep on updating and on your topic.
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Thank you,
Ashutosh Shukla.