CSS Introduction

CSS is the abbreviation of Cascading Style Sheet.CSS is used make HTML contents more stylish.World Wide Web consotorium is promoting use of CSS to make HTML stylish since 1994.

Why use CSS for web designing?

If we use style in every HTML element then process becomes very complicated.To overcome this we use CSS.In CSS all the style elements are defined in one place or one file and they are connected to HTML documents by <meta> link and Id's and selectors's of HTML.

Advantages of CSS

  • Time saving-CSS can be written once and used repetedly using same code.
  • Faster processing-While using CSS we do not have to write HTML attributes evry time.We can write just one CSS rule for every HTML document of same type.
  • Adding styles to HTML-CSS has higher range attributes than HTML.So we can style a web page more efficiently in CSS.
  • Global web standars-Using CSS in designing web pages using HTML is highly promoted by World Web Consotorium (W3C) since 1994.

Eligiblity for learning CSS

One must have basic knowledge of HTML.

What can CSS do?

Using CSS one can design HTML pages as shown below.

CSS Syntax