1. HTML is generally written using notepad.
  2. HTML codes can also be written using online editors like Mozilla Thimble.

How to write HTML in notepad?

  1. Open Notepad:
    • Click on START.
    • Select ALL PROGRAMS.
    • Click on ACCESSORIES.
    • Click on NOTEPAD.
    • For windows 8 and above you can directly press Windows key and then type notepad and press enter.
  2. Write few HTML codes or you can simply copy the HTML code given in previous page.
  3. Saving the HTML page:
    • Select File option on left top corner of the screen.
    • Click on Save As.
    • In save as type select All Files.
    • In encoding select UTF-8.
    • Click on Save.
  4. Opening HTML page:
    • Double click on saved file.

    • or
    • Right click on saved file and then selct open with.After this select browser of your choice.